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Tokay 1819
TOKAY 1819

How to understand ancient wines

The ancient wines (let us say roughly : before 1961), belong to a world where fragrances and tastes are completely different from what can be found in modern wines. We do not want to oppose them or to compare them, but to give you an opportunity to be caught by their charm and their complexity.

My dinners are the best occasion to understand these wines, as I, François Audouze, will guide you, with an experience of wines having more than half a century which is nearly unique in the world.

After such a dinner, you will have an approach to old wines, which will be totally different. And many of you will have the will to come back again !

Have a look at the cellar and the museum, read the comments of previous dinners, and then, go to : next dinners

Leoville-Barton Saint-Julien 1954

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