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Juranšon - 1929

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Chypre 1845
Chypre 1845

The organisation of a dinner

We are generally ten per dinner on a table, with ten wines of my collection. The prices of the dinners will be different, according to the rarities of the wines.

If you register on this site, it will not be definitive until you receive a confirmation. The complete payment has to be received before the dinner.

The location of the dinner will be announced after your confirmation. It is generally a two or three stars restaurant in Paris. I can organise a dinner in other locations in France or in a foreign country, on request. I can also adapt the size of the group to your wish, for a complete table.

I open the bottles the day of the dinner by 5 pm, and if I judge that a wine is improper, I will change it for another wine, which will be different.

At the table, I comment the wines and give some suggestions to better enjoy.

The meeting is generally at 8 pm, and no late arrival should exist. The dress code is cocktail dress, with tie.

For further questions, see : operational rules

Château Ausone Saint-Emilion 1949

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